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Quasielastic Electron Nucleus Scattering Archive

Announcement - Just Added - August 2021: E08-014 from the paper, "Novel observation of isospin structure of short-range correlations in calcium isotopes" by D. Nguyen, Z. Ye at al. published in Phys.Rev.C 102 (2020) 6, 064004, e-Print: 2004.11448 [nucl-ex]

Announcement - June 2019: E12-14-012 (Dai:2018) data now available

Welcome to Quasielastic Electron Nucleus Scattering Archive

In connection with a review article (Quasielastic Electron-Nucleus Scattering, by O. Benhar, D. Day and I. Sick) published in the Reviews of Modern Physics [Rev. Mod. Phys. 80, 189-224, 2008], we have collected here an extensive set of quasielastic electron scattering data in order to preserve and make available these data to the nuclear physics community.

We have chosen to provide the cross section only and not the separated response functions. Unless explicitly indicated the data do not include Coulomb corrections.

Our criteria for inclusion into the data base is the following:

  1. Data published in tabular form in journal, thesis or preprint.
  2. Radiative corrections applied to data.
  3. No known or acknowledged pathologies

At present there are about 600 different combinations of targets, energies and angles consisting of some 19,000 data points.

In the infrequent event that corrections were made to the data after the original publications, we included the latest data set, adding an additional reference, usually a private communication.

As additional data become known to us, we will add to the data sets.

If you wish to be alerted to changes in the archive or to the inclusion of new data, send an email to me (Donal Day) [dbd at virginia.edu]. Send any comments or corrections you might have as well.

Finally, we would appreciate an reference (e-Print Archive: nucl-ex/0603032) if you make use of the data in this archive in your work.

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Donal Day
April 14, 2015
August 04, 2021