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Nuclear Charge Density Archive - Main Page

Nuclei Charge Density Archive


Welcome to the Nuclear Charge Density archive

We have collected here data from Atomic and Nuclear Data Tables, Volumes 14, 36 and 60, which provide a varierty of fits for nuclear charge density extracted from elastic electron-nucleus scattering. This webpage was created in order to have a digital collection of raw data online that could then be used to calculate the charge density using Sum of Gaussian, Fourier Bessel, or Charge Density distribution formulas.

Currently this webpage provides data files along with C++ code to calculate charge densities ρch, and adjusted charge densities (A/Z)*ρch

Acknowledgements (Jan. 2012 - Jun. 2014):

Alan Brody: Parameter Collection
Bryan Lewis: C-code Development
Stephen Washington: Web Page Creation

For questions, comments, or bug reports, please contact Donal Day by email: dbd [ at ] virginia [ dot ] edu